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L I V E   L O U D L Y

LENA OH STUDIO specializes in polymer clay jewelry and accessories, inspired by mid-century, vintage, and contemporary design elements and fashion.

All pieces are Handmade in Chicago, IL. 


What makes us unique? What is self-expression? Who do You want to be?  Seemingly Impossible questions but isn't it exciting that we get to try to figure out the answers for ourselves? We get to choose who we are to the world and how we show up in it. 

I choose color and light and vibrancy. I choose to be loud and take up space and to L I V E  B O L D L Y. 

As the Lena behind the name, I create each small-batch design in my home studio in Chicago. I take inspiration from my love of all things vintage or retro, mom nature's amazing use of color and light, and a desire to integrate as much brightness as possible into my own life.

Each L E N A  O H  S T U D I O design is handcrafted and unique so that when you rock a piece you know that it is one of a kind; 

Just. Like. You. 



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